Congratulations to the  team on the release of the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan today, which covers Social Infrastructure for the first time. This follows on from the inclusion of social infrastructure in the 2019 Audit – also for the first time. It is terrific to see the important role of social infrastructure (and yes I am biased!) being discussed in our peak national body’s approach to infrastructure planning.

“Its inclusion acknowledges the critical role these physical spaces and assets play in the nation’s wellbeing and in making Australia a great place to live.”

The strong economic impact of social infrastructure is also clearly set out in the Plan – a positive impact that will be amplified as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

And for those wondering … Social Infrastructure in the context of the 2021 Plan falls into six categories:
– education
– health and aged care
– arts and culture
– social housing
– green, blue and recreation spaces
– justice and emergency services.

Klok Advisory is very proud to have assisted the Infrastructure Australia team with the development of the 2021 Plan.

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